Janna Pelle

Keyboardist, singer, drummer, guitarist and producer from Miami, Florida. After a pandemic move from Brooklyn to Sullivan County, NY, Janna has set up roots and established her home studio in the woods. She has released 4 full-length albums to date, and has arrived at her own brand of genre-defying psychedelic pop with her most recent album, "ECHOLOCATION" - her first fully self-produced and most comprehensive work to date. It is an exploration of the unseen and the unknown through the hope that sound can travel beyond this world, reaching those who have moved onto the next.

Pelle is most heavily influenced by Tame Impala and Lady Gaga (calling herself 'Fame Impala' as an homage), her mission to avenge Karen Carpenter's death as a fellow singing drummer. ...

"Janna Pelle is the love child of Fiona Apple and Lady Gaga with the alter-ego of David Byrne."
- Tune Groover

"Janna Pelle is a classically trained pianist-turned DIY Pop performer combining elements of rock, soul, and dance into her theatrical live performances."
- VENTS Magazine

"This is not the overly robotic, emotionless alt-pop you hear from too many contemporary artists - it's built on intimacy and personal exploration."
- Jamsphere

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