David Pontbriand Sitar

The Sitar
"I began with the Sitar in 1973. My story is a rare exception to the rule, in that I am almost completely self-taught, and also left-handed!

My Music of Sitar is driven by an intuitive and emotive approach that is deeply personal, and yet displays elements of classical form and style."

The Music
"My original, and primarily spontaneous, compositions for sitar are freely interpretive, and yet rooted in the Hindustani ragas of Northern India.

While I have great respect for the classical traditions, I do not necessarily adhere to any of them. I allow free rein to my own musical invention."

Form & Style
"My Music of Sitar is a synthesis of both eastern and western influences and sensibilities. Compositions unfold in a series of contrasting episodes, exploring themes of joy, sadness, awe, and mystery. My American music for sitar flows from the inner spaces, to embrace the dust of the earth and the blue of the sky."

Main Stage / The Happening / Harry Brown's Farm