Pronounced "adverse effects," is an electrifying electronic dance music duo formed by Sean Grear and Matthew Perry. Combining captivating melodies, unique instrumentals, and a mesmerizing stage presence, ADvsFX pushes the boundaries of EDM, seamlessly blending electronic and acoustic elements to create an unforgettable sonic experience. Embodying the essence of their name, ADvsFX dons striking yellow hazmat suits and illuminated gasmasks, capturing the attention of audiences with their visually stunning and thought-provoking performances.

ADvsFX has developed a signature style that seamlessly combines electronic beats, lush synths, and live instrumental elements. Every track they create is a journey through vibrant soundscapes, where listeners are immersed in a euphoric blend of rhythms and melodies that leave a lasting impact. ADvsFX Invites you on an unforgettable journey, where music not only transcends genres but transforms reality itself.

Pond Stage / The Happening / Harry Brown's Farm