Green Love Renaissance, Friday August 18, 19, 20

Green Love Renaissance, Harry Brown's Farm

Green Love Renaissance

Friday August 18, 19, 20

Box Office Price: $80 Weekend / $50 Day

Thursday arrival: $25 (with Weekend Festival Ticket Only) or FREE with Season Ticket


The Box Office is open for the following periods:
Thursday: 12 PM – 10 PM // Friday 9 AM – 11 PM // Saturday: 9 AM – 11 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 4:20 PM (Donation Day for HHD & GLR)


Featuring Bella’s Bartok, Max Creek, Strange Machines, Secret Sage, Skyfoot, Cold Chocolate, and more TBA




Event Description

Enter the mystical land of Cannabia, where the tale of Cannabis Rising is told in dance and song! Join our gypsy encampment on a midsummer’s weekend, and enjoy New England’s only multi-day, multi-night Renaissance Festival. Cheer the brave knights battle with medieval weaponry, swashbuckle with pirates, learn the magick of fairies, and experience the union of Music Festival with Renaissance Faire.


The first musical performance takes place in the Big Tent on Thursday evening. On Friday, meet the ladies and lords of Cannabia. Visit the domain of the fairies and explore a land time forgot. Join an enclave of artists as they create a new world, combining their hearts and hands with your own. As the shadows grow long the Main Stage opens with musical performances until midnight. Special performances by HBF Firebenders and Barefoot Truth dancers take place on the Main stage throughout the evening, led by the irrepressible BELLAS BARTOK. The Big Tent will host a special performance from 12 AM – 3 AM with a drum circle keeping the flame alive till the dawn.


On Saturday, Cannabia is a thriving village out of time. Renaissance-style actors perform on the field, a Court of ladies and Sers is assembled, and much parading and merry-making takes place. Light-hearted fairies will mix with the newly knighted, as they try their hand with the bow and arrow. Musical performances from the Main Stage begin in the early after-noon with MAX CREEK appearing into the evening hours. The HBF Firebenders plan a special performance for Saturday evening.  




Ticket Information

Thursday arrival is complimentary for Season-Ticket holders, and $25 otherwise


Camping included with Weekend Festival Ticket


Day-tickets are valid until NOON the following day, and may be purchased from the Box Office at Harry Brown’s Farm the day of the show while limited supplies last


Admission is Free for children under the age of 13 with parent


Venue Policies

No firearms or other weapons

No Glass bottles

No Dogs

Fires allowed in ABOVE-GROUND firepits only

Be conscious, respectful, and kind!


Please see Terms and Conditions for Ticketholders for more information