Harry Brown

About Harry Brown’s Farm 

Harry Brown has opened his farm for gathering in support of cannabis law reform since Hempstock in 1991 and stands in solidarity with comrades who share the vision of a world full of flourishing cannabis.

The Hill supports diversity in tactics to realize the goal of cannabis liberation.

We gather together in festival celebration, creating refuge and healing, a temporary counter-culture village–a home in your heart when you are away–

We practice our creative visions and learn that together we CAN change the world.

The stage has has been home to many amazing bands over the years from Maine, New England, the United States, and around the world.

Here, there is support and honor for creative folks– poets, musicians, teachers, farmers, healers, rabble-rousers, shaman, cooks, dancers, builders, artists, puppeteers and visionaries.

Our Dream

Our dream is a sustainable revolutionary community
ready to engage in peaceful social change.

Creation is a holy thing.
Caring for the stage is a sacred duty.
We are touching magic together.
Come home to The Hill!
We look forward to seeing you.